Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fondant Pigs

All of the food at my son's birthday party will be farm related. We are doing "pigs in the mud" with dirt cups (chocolate pudding with crumbled Oreos.

I bought candy cups that were the perfect size for snacking on pudding and can still have room in your tummy to enjoy all the other food.

Black Candy Cups
I found a recipe on Pinterest for marshmallow fondant to make the pigs to go on top of the pudding. 

A half batch of the fondant will make about 50 pigs depending on the thickness of them and you will still have some scrap left over to roll back out if you need more.

I used two different size circle cookie cutters for the head and the snout. The eyes are made with the little squeeze bottle of Wilton Gel Icing. For the ears, I took the same circle cookie cutter I used for the snout and cut the circle into a 4 sections and then took two of the sections and used them for the ears.

For the "dirt cup" you will need to make the instant chocolate pudding and crumble oreos on top.

And there you have your "Pigs in the Mud"

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