Monday, April 27, 2015

Pictures of My Family

Thought I would share some pictures of our family
Family Christmas Picture - 2014
 Easter - 2015
 He loves to swing
He is not always a fan of the camera

 1 year photo shoot - 2015
 Once again, not a fan of the camera
 Fall - 2014
 This is our fur-baby Cooper, he is 5 months old
 When he wants the camera, he puts a show on for everyone
 Easter egg hunting with daddy - 2015
 Easter egg hunting with mommy (he thought the pine cones were also eggs) - 2015

Burlap Door Hangers

Burlap Door Hangers
Materials: Burlap
                     Hot Glue
- I would think of an idea of what I wanted and free hand the drawing on a piece of newspaper and cut out the design.
- I would then use safety pins and pin the newspaper design to the burlap (fold in half, so it doubles the design) and cut out the design.
- Now that you have two pieces of the design on burlap, take one of the pieces and lay it on scrap newspaper to paint on.
- Paint the design to the color of your choice and let it dry.
- Once it is completely dry, take the painted burlap and lay it on top of  the second piece of your design and start hot gluing the inside around the edge to form the two pieces together.
- Leave about and inch and a half to stuff a little stuffing in side to give it a 3D look. 
- Cut the wire long enough for it to hang on the door and poke the wire through the burlap on each side and curve it to make a swirl, so it will stay in place.

These are a few burlap door hangers I have done for people and myself. I like to have one for each holiday and occasion.
This is one I did for a hospital door
 This was for a bedroom for a friend
Home Sweet Home
 This one was for a teacher's classroom
 Sweet Summertime Watermelon
 This was for a RV door
 Popsicle for the 4th of July
 Easter Peep

Front Door Wreath

Front Door Wreath
Materials: Deco Mesh
                  Wire Ribbon
                           Decorative Pieces
                  Wreath form
I made this for Christmas last year and it was super easy and fun to make. I wish I had taken pictures of the step by step process, but I will explain....
-First you want to unroll the deco mesh a little bit to give you some slack to work with
-(Most wreath forms will have ties on them already, but if not use wire) Take the end of the deco mesh and twist the ties about an inch down the deco mesh
-Scrunch up the deco mesh (as puffy as you would like and twist the ties all the way around the this on the inside and outside layer of the wreath form
-Once you have the deco mesh tied around and it looks like a wreath, start adding in the decorative pieces around the wreath to give it character.
-Add the bow and it is ready to hang
I will try to post a step by step picture soon....

Front Door Decor - Wooden Letter Painting

Front Door D├ęcor - Wooden Letter Painting
Materials: Wooden Letter
                 Burlap Ribbon
                Hot Glue Gun
This is a really simple and cute project to do for your front door. I painted the initials a solid color and just added some cute detail to the letter. I hot glued the burlap bow to the letters and added wire (found in the jewelry department at Hobby Lobby) to the back with hot glue for hanging purposes.

Playhouse Makeover

Playhouse Makeover
This cost under $35.00 to redo, the playhouse was free and the paint was a little under $35.00 from The Home Depot. The total time to paint and let it dry completely was about 4 hours.
The House/Roof was a complete mess when I picked it up

 I took the roof off of the house to make it easier
I pressure washed the house and it automatically made a difference in it.

 The paint colors I used (3 brown, 6 tan, 1 burgundy) & only $3.48 a can
 I laid a tarp down to paint on to keep the grass from sticking to the wet paint and to protect the grass from being different colors. The shutters pop right out and everything comes apart easy.
 I took the house apart to make it easier to paint and make sure it was all covered. I did not have to take the door off, I used a piece of cardboard to insert in between the door and the house to keep the back spray from getting on the house and it worked perfect.
It only took one coat of paint on the whole house and here is the finished project.
 Back & side of the house
 My little man enjoying his new playhouse!