Monday, April 27, 2015

Front Door Wreath

Front Door Wreath
Materials: Deco Mesh
                  Wire Ribbon
                           Decorative Pieces
                  Wreath form
I made this for Christmas last year and it was super easy and fun to make. I wish I had taken pictures of the step by step process, but I will explain....
-First you want to unroll the deco mesh a little bit to give you some slack to work with
-(Most wreath forms will have ties on them already, but if not use wire) Take the end of the deco mesh and twist the ties about an inch down the deco mesh
-Scrunch up the deco mesh (as puffy as you would like and twist the ties all the way around the this on the inside and outside layer of the wreath form
-Once you have the deco mesh tied around and it looks like a wreath, start adding in the decorative pieces around the wreath to give it character.
-Add the bow and it is ready to hang
I will try to post a step by step picture soon....

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