Monday, April 27, 2015

Playhouse Makeover

Playhouse Makeover
This cost under $35.00 to redo, the playhouse was free and the paint was a little under $35.00 from The Home Depot. The total time to paint and let it dry completely was about 4 hours.
The House/Roof was a complete mess when I picked it up

 I took the roof off of the house to make it easier
I pressure washed the house and it automatically made a difference in it.

 The paint colors I used (3 brown, 6 tan, 1 burgundy) & only $3.48 a can
 I laid a tarp down to paint on to keep the grass from sticking to the wet paint and to protect the grass from being different colors. The shutters pop right out and everything comes apart easy.
 I took the house apart to make it easier to paint and make sure it was all covered. I did not have to take the door off, I used a piece of cardboard to insert in between the door and the house to keep the back spray from getting on the house and it worked perfect.
It only took one coat of paint on the whole house and here is the finished project.
 Back & side of the house
 My little man enjoying his new playhouse!

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