Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cardstock Letter

My niece is having an Under the Sea theme for her 1st birthday, so my sister asked me if I could work on some table decor. I went to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby and bought everything I needed for it.

Hot Glue Gun
Cardboard Letter
Die Cut

Start out by punching circles in your paper. I chose to do glitter for a couple of reasons, number one, she is a princess and number two, I wanted it to have the mermaid look. Some of the glitter paper was tougher to cut thru with the die cutter, but I made it work.

Once you have all your circles, lay them out on the letter before gluing so you will have a pattern (yes you need more circles than what is pictured)

Here is the finished look, it is very simple and cheap to make. Now she has some center pieces or table decor for her party. I did the number one and the letter Z for Zoey. You can do the whole name or spell out the age of the child.

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