Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Building a Barn Backdrop

I have posted a lot of things I have made for my son's farm theme party in previous posts, so today I am posting how to build a barn backdrop. 

This is a very easy and simple way to make a barn.

Red Tri-Fold Project Board
Tape Measure
White Duct Tape
Black Cardstock or Construction Paper
Yellow Cardstock or Construction Paper
Pencil or Pen
Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun or Regular Glue
Farm Animal Cutouts

I did not take pictures of me measuring anything (I know I should have, but I was also dealing with an almost terrible two year old at the moment)

First thing you want to do is get you measuring tape and measure your angles. You will have two different size slants on each side of the barn, so it is important you measure them before cutting. Use your pen or pencil to mark where you need to cut.

Once you have your markings, you will use your box cutter to cut out the shape of the barn. 

Next you will cut your roof out of 12x12 cardstock pieces of paper. I believe I made the roof 3.5"x12" and cut about 6 strips of it. You can see where it was pieced together, but it gives it the look of shingles on the barn. Once you have it cut out, glue it down. Take another piece of 12x12 black cardstock and lay it towards the top of the barn for the chicken's coop (I cut some of the cardstock off to make it a little bit smaller). 

Now take your handy dandy white Duct Tape and tape down the chicken coop. For the barn doors. I laid the tape down to where I thought it should go and didn't really measure. Where the outer sides of the doors are, I lined up the tape with the crease in the tri-fold board and then placed white Duct Tape in a "X". I then cut a piece of Duct Tape in half to make it skinnier for the middle to break the doors in two sections. It does not have to be me, mine is far from it, but its so cute!

I bought my banner from Hobby Lobby and used the 40% off coupon and got it for under $3. The banner has 12 pennants, but I could not fit all of them on there, so I cut 6 pennants off. I hated to waste the other 6, so I am saving them and will use them as a banner in front of the table for decoration. Hot glue to ends to the roof to where the banner will hang slightly over the barn doors. 

Take your yellow piece of cardstock and cut different size and angles of triangles. I did two different layers, so it looks like hay. Now  you are ready to start adding your animal cutouts and you will be all set for your barn backdrop. 

Everything was bought from Hobby Lobby!

Overall price for barn:
 Tri-Fold Board - $2.40 (used a 40% off coupon)
Box Cutters - $1.99
Cardstock - $.59 x 5 = 2.95 
Banner - $2.40 (used a 40% off coupon, bought it at a separate time than the tri-fold board since you can only use one coupon per day)
White Duct Tape - $4.99
Animal Cutouts - FREE
Hot Glue Gun - FREE (already owned it)
Measuring Tape - FREE (already owned it

Add Georgia Tax 7%
Total: $13.19

Cant beat it! This was a super fun project and knowing it is for my little boy's party makes it that much more fun to make! If you make it, I would love to see how yours turned out.


  1. I just made this today and love how it turned out!! I can't wait to set it up at my sons 1st birthday party. Where did you get the animal cutouts?

  2. I am wondering the same thing? Where did you find the animal cut outs?

  3. Thank you soooo much for this! I was frantically trying to figure out what to do as a backdrop for my son's 2nd birthday party THIS Sat and so thankful to come back tacross on Pinterest. I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed everything you listed. Took me a few hours and here's my (almost finished product...I'm working on the banner since HL didn't have the one pictured). Anyways I love it! Thanks again! Oh and I bought my cut outs (which weren't really cut outs, they were wooden pieces for $1.99 each at Hobby Lobby). Wait it's not allowing me to attach a pic?!?

  4. Thank you for your tips I made my barn and every one love it!

  5. Thank you for your tips I made my barn and every one love it!

  6. Where did you get the free animal cut outs?

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  8. Does anyone have the dimensions for the angles?