Monday, May 4, 2015

Painted Flower Pot for Mother's Day

Painted Flower Pot for Mother's Day
Materials: Acrylic Paint
Clay Pot (any size)
Flower or seeds
These make cute and simple Mother's Day gifts for any mom. We made two, one for each grandma and my son isn't quite old enough to help, but its the thought that counts.
I already had some ribbon on hand, so I used paint that would coordinate with the ribbon.
 Paint the pot the color of your choice
 Turn the pot upside down and wrap the ribbon around the measure the length you need
 Hot glue the end of the ribbon to hold it on to the pot. Then, glue a line down the middle of the ribbon a little at a time or it will dry fast and wont stick to the pot.
 This is what it will look like once the ribbon is glued all the way around.
Tie a bow and hot glue the back of it to the center of the ribbon on the pot.
 Here are the two we did and now just add soil and plant the seeds or the flowers.

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